ridiculous plus lame look of the day.

Can't this Lady Ga-ga think of something else? This is worse. is she dreaming about buffalos? haha :))
come on, ga-ga-girl. i know you can do better. you're fashioned, and don't ruin that with this fu**ing weird horns.

xoxo, Cella-noree

Rockin' roll :)

"We are shaped and Fashioned by what we Love."
Johann Wolfgang.

i went to my bestfriend's birthday party last week, about at Sunday night. This party is actually not a very formal nor casual one. i got my head dizzy by the dress code, which is 'Black and White' and i don't know what exactly i am going to wear. I got this idea after i got my nails polished. Those nails look so rocking rock. :)) and so that's where i got this style. which i named, 'Futuristic Rock'. lols x))

xoxo, Cella-noree.


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