Goths don't kill

Here i come with a brand new post.
Well it feels like it's been a century since the last time i got to post something. Well, i know i shouldn't have kept you waiting. So here's what my brain come up with. I personally see that these days, more and more people are getting interested in the goth style, which is also known as rock, punk, or whatever. bet you all already heard of this. Let's say as an example, like Taylor Momsen, she's a bit of this. And there's still a lot to be mentioned.
I personally kind of like this style, perhaps because i like black and as you all know black is the main idea of this style. Ripped tights and jeans, high black boots, smoky eyes, all included. Anyways, i've got a couple of photos to share about this style. enjoy.

Start steal their styles! don't just sit and act like a sweet daddy's daughter.
Be a little rebel wouldn't kill you. It only makes you stronger :)

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