Spoofs, and breaking news.

Hi pretties. I miss you all so much. This is gonna be a very short post with no pictures. I am sorry. I've got ot take care of something about my school. not only it's about homework, assignments, tasks, exams, and all the academic stuff, it's actually also about something that happened to my school not so long ago.it's an extreme incident. I will be back with surprises and breaking news about what my school has got in no time. So please, stay tuned if you wanna know. ooc : police and some institution has come and can you guess what happened? spill in the comment. speaking about the comment, I will reply the comments in the previous post at weekend, would you mind waiting? I love you.

anyway, to ease your boredom without me, I'd love to present.. *drumrolls* a movie by ... (i don't know, found it in youtube) 'VAMPIRES SUCK"
I don't know, i don't hate vampires, i even like the Twilight saga, but i just cannot resist, this is so funny :)) so i'm sharing it to you. and i'm still gonna share some more in weekend. As what i say, either you wanna hear what happened to my school, or you wanna see more spoofs i can provide to bring your laughter, stay tuned. By all that means, follow me please. :)
xo, cells.


Hello lovelies, thanks for visiting me!
Love for you all, Cells.