Girl Crush : Jessica Stroup

If i am asked about my girl crush right now, the answer would definitely be JESSICA STROUP. I've liked her for some time, note : far before she plays the CW series 90210. And why do i say that? because i don't really like her role in that series as Silver. Especially in the first season. (not to mention that i watched the complete series, i kinda like the series, but not her role. I like seeing her).

jessica was born 23 October 1986, which makes her 24 years old. I have liked her since her movie vampire Bats in 2005. wanna know my word for her? She's hot, but not in the bitchy way.

Now let's take a look at some photo shoot takenfor Esquire magazine ( not that i
really know what that is). She looks some kind of flirty what-so-ever. But i still like her though. Nothing changed. She might look flirty there, but who cares? It's for a photo shoot.

Now what do you think? Like her or not? doesn't matter anyway.


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