Selecting dress for prom

Hello lovely readers!
I know some of you are graduating from high school just now.
and that means we have a prom to attend! (i am still in the second grade though)
I can do nothing for you but to congratulate you and your graduation,
and also, giving tips for helping you to choose your prom dress!
So here we go, i hope i am a lot helpful.

Punky Rock can be a choice to be chosen to look more than HOT.

Some Preppy old Vintage touch can be added to your look to specialize yourself !


BeingFeminine helps you on growing into a woman-from a girl.

rincess style.
This way you will show your girlie side.


You can dress in the style of Bohemian. It doesn't have to come with long dress every time. You can do some cut and tadaa, you'll look awesome .

Shoes are the path into beauty. With no shoes, you can't be considered one hundred percent pretty, so, be careful while choosing the best pair for your royal feet =)

And when the time comes to choose the accessories, it'll be the hardest time since i feel like
want to wear all of them. Here's a brief look of some of them


Clutch is a must! For those who wants to
look even better.


Necklace for those who needs accessories in the neck

.One or two wouldn't hurt you.

That's all for today. Have a nice prom.
And also Have a nice weekend!

Cheers to my newest follower!
Vanessa and Mariza. Thanks so much! =)

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xoxo, Cella-noree


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