Nivea Makeup By You Ramadhan Race | Nivea Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover [REVIEW]

Jangan pernah lupa bersihin makeup. Bersihinnya yang bersih ya.. Well, unless kamu mau tuh bangun tidur dengan jerawat, wajah kusam, atau other bad skin condition lainnya?

Kalau gak mau, rajin bersihin makeup yuk! Nah, ngomong-ngomong soal pembersih makeup, baru-baru ini aku ikut Ramadhan Makeup Race yang diselenggarakan sama Nivea Indonesia dan Female Daily di Watsons PIM 2 dan Amypond Cafe.

Mau tau keseruan, sekaligus review Nivea Double Effect Eye Makeup Remover? Baca terus ya!


Le Marc Lip Creme By Marc Jacobs Beauty | [REVIEW]

Are you into bright pink? Well i personally do not... always. 
So should we try this one? This is like.. real pink. Like seriously pink.

 Let's do it though!


Pond's Acne Solution Anti Acne Facial Foam | [REVIEW]

Pernah ga sih, lagi PMS, terus muncul jerawat gede tiba-tiba di suatu tempat sekitar wajah?


Mau tahu gimana cara ngilangin jerawat instan gak pakai ribet
Baca terus ya sis!


Top 10 Drama Movies to Watch This Weekend | 2017

So this might not be my usual kind of post, but i have recently been struggling to find good movies to watch. I mean, there's a really wide selection of movies nowadays, and what's good for others might not be good for me, indeed, but i am a person who loves to watch drama movies, the emotional ones, the ones that leave me thinking.

So i do not know if that is also your cup of tea, but some just happy ending movies just leave me wanting more. Thus, i think if there might be more people like me out there, who wants to find good movies (for our taste), i thought i can do a little help for you to use.

So, here it is, Top 10 Emotional Drama Movies to Watch This Weekend! (or anytime)

Read more to find out!


Chocolate Ville, Bangkok, Thailand | My Favorite Place in Bangkok

And my trip to Bangkok isn't quite finished yet. This very time, i will talk about my favorite place in Bangkok, for leisure and relaxing time. Not for the so called cheap stuff  hunting, but a dining place.


Find out why?


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