desperately needing help.

If there's someone knows about how to remove the vocal voice from an mp3 song,
please do tell me, i am so desperate,
and my deadline is just in 7 days , so please for the ones who know how to do that, please tell me.
and i wanna do it for free.
well it doesn't really make sense for me to buy just one program which is so expensive,
i'd rather buy myself a couple pairs of shoes instead.
thank you.
please tell me by leaving comment, or by email
here's my email :

many thanks :)

xoxo, Cella-noree



"If you are not in fashion, you are nobody."
Lord Chesterfield

Looking for something to eat?
The simplest order may be the best choice. you don't have to try something new,
and all you need to do is just sit and enjoy your food, without any fear that
the food won't taste good, as you already knew how does it taste like,
no worries, no fears.

Enjoy your life, with friends.
Friends are not eternal. No matter how hard you try to keep them with you,
some , always leave.

xoxo, Cella-noree


ridiculous plus lame look of the day.

Can't this Lady Ga-ga think of something else? This is worse. is she dreaming about buffalos? haha :))
come on, ga-ga-girl. i know you can do better. you're fashioned, and don't ruin that with this fu**ing weird horns.

xoxo, Cella-noree

Rockin' roll :)

"We are shaped and Fashioned by what we Love."
Johann Wolfgang.

i went to my bestfriend's birthday party last week, about at Sunday night. This party is actually not a very formal nor casual one. i got my head dizzy by the dress code, which is 'Black and White' and i don't know what exactly i am going to wear. I got this idea after i got my nails polished. Those nails look so rocking rock. :)) and so that's where i got this style. which i named, 'Futuristic Rock'. lols x))

xoxo, Cella-noree.


Pieces of the rockin' roll :)

Skull Nail art :)

Good combination, i think :)

One lovely playboy piece :)

Silver-ish hand bag. Big enough to bring all you wanna bring :)

Silver-ish pair of shoes. :)
comfortable to be worn. you can wear it for total 24-hours nonstop, with-out scratching any of your skin. :))

"We are shaped and fashioned by what we Love." Johann Wolfgang

xoxo, Cella-noree


Simply brown

Only great minds can afford a simple style.

And so for today i'm feeling so weird, that even no good mood crosses my mind, at all. and so that's completely why i chose this style. black-brownies. This tends to look like a simple style. And obviously for today, i've seen such a great blog, which is ribbonyboo and for talisha, i totally like your style. and so everytime i see another inspiring blog, i'll put it here, so for the ones who are looking for inspiration, don't worry. i'm here to help. the hell. x))

anyways, i'd like to see some of the imaginative stories here. just for an inspiration. and so, done here. speechless. thank you. xD

White Christmas

okay i know this is probably too lame since i posted this late enough. but well yeah just see it. it's a brand new holiday. this place feels so cozy. got nothing else to say but i really love holidays, so, let's see the next holidays :))
xoxo, Cella-noree


shockingly awaken

This one looks awesomely beautiful. i'd like to have this piece, if i can get some more money. :))

And this one's so cool. Pretty classy, but so simple and easy. it's like, all me. lmao. :))

Oh my God. Look at how this girl dresses. well it's Marc jacob's. i heart this. why ? maybe because i have a piece which looks a lot like this, and i'm going to wear it, like , tomorrow? Lols. Thumbs up, Marc Jacobs. you rock. ANd we'll see some pieces of his work again.

and so, till tomorrow, let's see what i have in mind tomorrow. and it's cold here. so i'd better turn on the heater. leave comments. let me know what do you think. thanks. :))

xoxo, Cella-noree


Yes, these are the so-called-oldie-pieces. then so what, they still look cute. Things work out. these pieces are so good, comfortable to be worn, and pleased. They got some colors, so pick your color. Even to wear it to bed.

xoxo, Cella-noree.


Oh yes, this is when we carry out our natural duty as students. The four of us showed respect to the national flag. The hell, actually. Well what can you see here is school is actually a blast when you have your girls around you. or boys too. i almost forget that my visitors may not be girls only. sorry, my bad :)). Anyway, look at the shoes. try wear them, comfortable, and still at the first choice.

xoxo, Cella-noree.

Fast Fun Facts,

Hello world, this girl you're seeing is just an ordinary girl. No, i'm kidding. none of us is ordinary. as i am, i am definitely not ordinary. I am so extraordinary. I might have some stuff you will want to see, or NOT. So let's see if we can make it cool.

So hi everyone who's visiting this stuff. My name is Felicia Marcellina S. Don't ask what S stands for because i'll have to consider to tell you. fellas always call me Cella, Cello, or whatever you'd prefer. As i said, i am not an ordinary girl. i don't easily get tired, as how they say i might be a 'freako' but in a good way, copy that. and so i don't really know when did i start to like fashion, well, i actually like doing things. just to kill the boredom, and hell yeah, this one is a good thing. And so what i am about to bring here is just several patterns i've drawn in my life. it's just a part of Cella you might wanna enjoy, or not. and FYI, i always hosted a garage sale every six months, and i'll upload some of the items here , just in case if i can even reach your place and send it to you, then it'll be 'pleasure doing business with you'. until then, enjoy, and please visit regularly, you'll never know what i have in mind. as the ending, 'Make yourself at Home.'

xoxo, Cella-noree.


Hello lovelies, thanks for visiting me!
Love for you all, Cells.