I'm baack :)

Here's what i've got again. Just to tell you, i like green.
So go take a look at my bathing stuffs. you'll see that it's all-green :)
And i posted a picture of what to eat. Hope i don't make you drool. :D

And again those pictures up there are something i draw myself.
Well, just tell me what do you think.
I'm gonna post some more handmade stuff again, and maybe a couple more outfits.
I'm so crazy right now, i'm so pissed off.
I want to sign up for a site, but i couldn't change the url.
Stupidly, the site said i should change my url when i couldn't 'back-space' nor 'delete' any letter from the example url. How pissed off i am ?
Maybe if there's a gauge, it will blow up. :DD

xoxo, Cella-noree.


Hello lovelies, thanks for visiting me!
Love for you all, Cells.