I'm baack :)

Here's what i've got again. Just to tell you, i like green.
So go take a look at my bathing stuffs. you'll see that it's all-green :)
And i posted a picture of what to eat. Hope i don't make you drool. :D

And again those pictures up there are something i draw myself.
Well, just tell me what do you think.
I'm gonna post some more handmade stuff again, and maybe a couple more outfits.
I'm so crazy right now, i'm so pissed off.
I want to sign up for a site, but i couldn't change the url.
Stupidly, the site said i should change my url when i couldn't 'back-space' nor 'delete' any letter from the example url. How pissed off i am ?
Maybe if there's a gauge, it will blow up. :DD

xoxo, Cella-noree.


The Jungle Patriots

THe Jungle Patriots :)

Make some noise -drumrolls-
whatever. just kidding. ain't gonna be that famous,
for now, at least :)

These photos are taken just three days ago, on Thursday .
We're having a celebration, well, a birthday party.
A sweet seventeenth one.
As you guys all know, here in Indonesia a girl's gate to
transforming into an adult is right when we're 17.
Well, forgive me for giving more lecture. haha xDD

The place where it's held somehow looks like a place for a nature-lover.
More and more green. It even has a cruise ship in the lake.
Well yeah, it has lake, i don't know if there's a crocodile in it :DD

So to kill boredom while waiting for the other friends to attend the party,
Me and gesi (the girl who's having her birthday-the girl with red dress-)
and with some others try to look around and find some beautiful, worth
place to take photos in. So there you go, enjoy.
Sorry if i talk much. I just feel like doing this :D

xoxo, Cella-noree.


Shoes Shoes shoes

Shoes Shoes Shoes

Well, can you tell me what do you think ?
i'm a little bit confused about which one is better.
I'm gonna get two pairs, so try to suggest me which to choose.

I love you all, please help me.

xoxo, Cella-noree


handmade, and.. Red Carpet Madness.

This is the blushing beauty :)

She's wearing moody blue .


Well these are just my handmade.
Okay i'm not an expert on those, but i paint, sometimes. And i cook, at the third picture it's called d'ame blanche to me. haha :))
And in the first picture, i make clay art. That tiny little food toy is made from clay, i made it myself :)


eating? probably not.

"Very little black. Lots of nude for the evening."
Tom Ford

And so here it goes, black is in town, again, or always?
looks like always is the correct answer. Black is like always 'in'.
So yes, this time i'm going to my mother's friend's birthday party,
which has no dress code at all, as you have thought, this is a middle-aged party, with these women's children, so the children is only the minor. Which is why i dressed quite simple as there will be no other stuff other than eating, and of course, what women always do, chit-chatting.

Until next post,
xoxo Cella-noree.

teacher's style

"Principal says that teachers don't want to be fashion police."
Stephanie Kraft

Even teachers these days know how to dress, unlike those from the past,
so-restricted. un-fashionable. Maybe more from this English Teacher named Ms. nani ?
We'll see. maybe Later.
Sorry for like, disappeared for almost 4 days. I got grounded.
No access to camera, no dressing up, focus on school.
Well, until my next post..

xoxo, Cella-noree.


hell no!

"The only rule is don't be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in."
Paris Hilton

naw what the hell is there in these girls mind?
what's with that fucking horn, and also the fairy's pinky tiara, and also the minnie mouse's tutu?
It looks like hell. Get a rid out of that, ladies!
I'm sure you all can do better :)

xoxo, Cella-noree


Hello lovelies, thanks for visiting me!
Love for you all, Cells.