I love you, postman.

yesterday afternoon, my lovely postman knocked my door, and *ta-daa* give me this package. I am so happy since it's my first package from Denver. thanks so much. And about this i'm gonna share to all of you, my pretties, about this beautiful bracelet's maker.

It's Melissa from "You can Sparkle".
i won this giveaway in heavenly Savings. and i just can't wait for the prize to arrive.And oh-God, it's so sparkly,so please check out Melissa's shop in etsy, "You can Sparkle", or hit her inbox : melissahouser@gmail.com. She's got gorgeous jewelries. You won't regret looking around.

Love, Cee.


School bon fire.

Okay so here's the news. A few days ago, our school was burnt. yes. someone set it on fire. Pretty cool, eh? The fire gave us three days off school. We're somehow happy since it could be the smartest way to punish the teachers and the principal, as they always punish us.
The fire started at dawn, and it continued till the sun rose. The fi
refighters could finally get rid of the fire after 'fighting' for some hours. There's something funny about this fire. The fire burnt only the teacher's room, and the principal's. No more, no less. It didn't reach any other places. Not the classrooms, not the labs, not the cafeteria, not any other places.
One thing that i seriously amazed about. there's a huge Jesus' cross in the teachers room. When everything else was burnt (leaving nothing else) , this cross ( which is made from wood) wasn't even touched. Not burnt, not even the edge. That's the only thing that wasn't burnt. *shrugs*

That's all for now. sorry for the heavy image post! another spoof will be coming soon. very soon, dearests. :)


Spoofs, and breaking news.

Hi pretties. I miss you all so much. This is gonna be a very short post with no pictures. I am sorry. I've got ot take care of something about my school. not only it's about homework, assignments, tasks, exams, and all the academic stuff, it's actually also about something that happened to my school not so long ago.it's an extreme incident. I will be back with surprises and breaking news about what my school has got in no time. So please, stay tuned if you wanna know. ooc : police and some institution has come and can you guess what happened? spill in the comment. speaking about the comment, I will reply the comments in the previous post at weekend, would you mind waiting? I love you.

anyway, to ease your boredom without me, I'd love to present.. *drumrolls* a movie by ... (i don't know, found it in youtube) 'VAMPIRES SUCK"
I don't know, i don't hate vampires, i even like the Twilight saga, but i just cannot resist, this is so funny :)) so i'm sharing it to you. and i'm still gonna share some more in weekend. As what i say, either you wanna hear what happened to my school, or you wanna see more spoofs i can provide to bring your laughter, stay tuned. By all that means, follow me please. :)
xo, cells.


JB-female for Glamour UK

The American Actress and model Jessica Biel rocks all the way up for Glamour UK Magazine in the August 2010 issue. She's exploring the femme fatale style for this photoshoot. I think she should be featured more since she has done quite a good job.I know some are not really clear so i'll re-type the words she's saying for the interview.

"I would love for everyone to experience what [being papped] is like, and then they'd
think twice about the magazines they buy."

P.S : They couldn't do a shoot without letting Jessica's dog, Tina share the blitz. :)

"I'm not the perfect person who doesn't mess up, eat bad, not work out - i do all those things."


Trentini-ers i am.

Introducing : Caroline Trentini.
my newest fashion crush. angelic face and brilliant poses. Most of all, divine style.
I'm promising a few ideas of photoshoots for the few next posts.

Paranaiv- And Sundnes
by Sebastian Kim.

Russia Glamour 2009/Caroline Trentini.

What do you think? are you in the same boat with me? Spill.

Fall? Yes.

Books. This Fall, i have to study. I am in the third grade, and i'm gonna graduate.At least that's my plan. And i'm planning to succeed on it.so, maybe it means less playing and more studying.don't worry, blogsphere are the most effective place to study so i won't be leaving this beautiful blogsphere. i will still be here, posting about things around me. I'm here to make you cross your fingers for me. Wish me luck guys. Gonna try my best. That's for sure *grins widely*. I love you, and keep spreading your love to me.


Miley Spears?

Miley Cyrus, our little beautiful sweet girl, has now turned into a mature woman, perhaps, a little vulgar. Since she claimed she was 17, she has turned other way. She's now wearing some sexy stuffs. Not sweet stuffs. Let's take a peek at her back then when she was little hannah Montana.Miley is predicted to be like britney spears. Katy Perry said, "She's like britney spears. Soon or later it's gonna happen." That's what she said when she met Miley in the backstage of The much Music Awards in Toronto the last June 20th. In other hand, Miles said she was just matching everything to her new album's material.

Started her career since toots, and turned all the way different in 17. pretty much Britney.
Well it's all up to her to end up like what, messy troubled, or sweet Miles


Pick one!

Hi guys. so today i'd like you too participate in a little poll. So this will be held everytime i draw something new. At least six drawings. So here we go. I put numbers and that's how you're gonna identify them. Please participate. thanks!

Which drawing you like the most?
1. Shopping spree? Yes!
2. Legwear of Legwear!
3. Yes, i am into headbands.
4. Semi-cutie-formal, honey.
5. I could be pretty rocking.
6. Catchy on mono.
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Love for you all, Cells.