Felicia Marcellina is the sole author of this blog, her personal guidance on how to get lost in life through her daily inspirations and discoveries. She started blogging in 2010, but stopped writing due to some life crisis when she decided to focus on school matters. She found out later that writing is something that helps her a lot with her thoughts, so she went back writing recently. She is in her last year of university pursuing her degree in International Business Administration. She had had two internships, one is in BMW Indonesia and the other one is in PricePanda Germany. She admitted that she is in love with European life as she lived in Berlin for nearly seven months. 

She is passionate about encouragement and development. She believes that discouragement fails growth and improvement is always to chase after. Her dream is to convince people that they are beautiful in their own ways. Size, complexion, races, height, weight and their other cliques do not define people and perfection does not exist unless you are God. Her motto is 'Hate-not, learn-to-accept, and be-better.'

She is pretty religious but knows how to have fun in the right time and appropriate ways. She is fond of sharing, food at most, because she does not want to get fat alone. She likes singing, a lot, and she'll sing whatever she likes. Her family and close friends find her both stupid and hilarious but she has excellent grades so that creeps them out sometimes.

She has met a lot of people from different nationalities and backgrounds and somehow found a way to crack jokes around, so please if you'd like to do any projects (endorsement, business collaborations, cash, or anything free or other forms) or simply just want to greet her, she will gladly be in touch. Reach her at felicia.marcellina@gmail.com and follow her on instagram: @feliciamarcellina.

Felicia Marcellina Sulaiman.


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