eating? probably not.

"Very little black. Lots of nude for the evening."
Tom Ford

And so here it goes, black is in town, again, or always?
looks like always is the correct answer. Black is like always 'in'.
So yes, this time i'm going to my mother's friend's birthday party,
which has no dress code at all, as you have thought, this is a middle-aged party, with these women's children, so the children is only the minor. Which is why i dressed quite simple as there will be no other stuff other than eating, and of course, what women always do, chit-chatting.

Until next post,
xoxo Cella-noree.

teacher's style

"Principal says that teachers don't want to be fashion police."
Stephanie Kraft

Even teachers these days know how to dress, unlike those from the past,
so-restricted. un-fashionable. Maybe more from this English Teacher named Ms. nani ?
We'll see. maybe Later.
Sorry for like, disappeared for almost 4 days. I got grounded.
No access to camera, no dressing up, focus on school.
Well, until my next post..

xoxo, Cella-noree.


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