Miley Spears?

Miley Cyrus, our little beautiful sweet girl, has now turned into a mature woman, perhaps, a little vulgar. Since she claimed she was 17, she has turned other way. She's now wearing some sexy stuffs. Not sweet stuffs. Let's take a peek at her back then when she was little hannah Montana.Miley is predicted to be like britney spears. Katy Perry said, "She's like britney spears. Soon or later it's gonna happen." That's what she said when she met Miley in the backstage of The much Music Awards in Toronto the last June 20th. In other hand, Miles said she was just matching everything to her new album's material.

Started her career since toots, and turned all the way different in 17. pretty much Britney.
Well it's all up to her to end up like what, messy troubled, or sweet Miles


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