Fujifilm Astalift x Cosmopolitan Soiree

It is starting to look a lot like Christmas and we had an early christmas dinner 


Citra Natural Talent Finalists Quarantine: Day 2

Here it goes my second day in the quarantine with Citra and Gadis Magazine. 
Let me give you a hint, it is mostly hearty treats for tummy! 


Citra Natural Talent Finalists Quarantine: Day 1

I was thrilled when Citra called me saying i was chosen to be their finalist on their newest campaign: Citra Natural Talents. Just a while after, Gadis Magazine called me to let me know what i had to prepare for the quarantine, that;s how they called it, 'a mini getaway', in my dictionary. I will do a recap of how fun everything was, starting from day 1. So, scroll down.


Juara Skin Care: Radiance Vitality Oil

It's a fun day here at Sephora Plaza Indonesia with Juara Skin Care. Glad to have the chance to try out your products. Juara Skin Care is a local skin care products inspired by Indonesian herbs and scents. It was launched firstly in the United States and the respond is actually pretty good. So why wait to use local products? Scroll down for more details.


Central Designers Soiree S/S 2016

Central Designer Soiree is back again to showcase the Spring Summer 2016 Collection of ten of young Indonesian Designers. Held gracefully with a dress code White Wonders, we all had an amazing evening with them.


Let's Not Fry Our Hair, Shall We?

Good news from Good Hair Day! 
Apparently styling our hair does not always have to be equal to frying our hair into crisps. 
Want to know how? Keep reading.


Halloween Vibe: Masked-Mermaid.

I know it is quite late for halloween. It is also a makeup i have posted in my instagram, facebook and twitter on the 31st. So basically i am only late to blog about it. Hope this still can be an inspiration for any costume party or halloween party next year, or anything!


Jakarta Fashion Week 2016: Patrick Owen and Soulpot Studio

Last day of JFW 2016 was a blast, Patrick Owen and Soulpot Studio showcased a freaking cool collections "JALANAN". Do you want to see my fave pieces? Special thanks to Anastasia Siantar :)


Marc Beauty by Marc Jacobs, A Closer Look.

Hi from this shelf of hotness! 
Yes, it's Felicia Marcellina speaking, 
and i recently was invited to visit the exclusive house of Mrs. Marc Beauty 
by Marc Jacobs at Sephora Indonesia .


Coast London Store Grand Opening: Plaza Indonesia

It is undeniable that the socialite caste in Indonesia is developing a stylish gathering lifestyle. More and more events and gatherings are held especially in Jakarta. In line with this phenomena, demand for occasion wears rockets quite crazily. 

Our beloved British brand, Coast London is trying to cater this call. 
With the success of having their store in Plaza Senayan
now it is opening another store in Plaza Indonesia, a high-end mall in Central Jakarta, to make sure getting dressed up is just one step away from you!


Four Ways of Feeling Fancy in One Set of Outfit: Featuring Les Femmes Indonesia

Ever felt that little annoying feeling where you think you can never be as fancy as 
those top models, celebrities or socialites? 


Marrying Comfort and Style: Morning Whistle by Terry Palmer

Who doesn't like relaxed mornings?

I definitely like relaxed mornings more than hangover mornings, so grow up guys! What's on trend today may not be one anymore tomorrow. Core essentials of human will stay anyway. Speaking of fashion, when it comes to the one ultimate value that is needed the most to keep people wearing our fashion items, i would vouch for comfort, always.

Why comfy?
Think of yourself as a mere human, not a supermodel nor a public figure who would kill to look awesome in public (oh wait they wanna get comfy too off-camera), would you want to wear something comfortable or would you wear something that is not?

So thank you @letswhistle as the official reseller of @morningwhistle Terry Palmer for sending me this comfy homey long sleeved tee. Oh look they have so many variants of color you can never get bored of.

Cute packages always enchant me, and they have uber cute ones! The packaging for my tee looks like a coffee cup and it's written 'fake coffee'. They also have 'fake milk' too. For me, this shirt is something i can wear to campus, to malls, to amusement park, to sport halls, or to bed! I would say this is one of my fave things as it is like marrying both comfort and style whereas usually you are always entitled to pick one over another. One shirt, endless possibilities.

Necklace | Primark

'I am okay looking nice with pain, 

but i am dying to have both comfort and style.'  

Bye for now, Felicia Marcellina


Made It Out Alive

I am officially unemployed!
I would totally say that it is both sad and exciting. I am glad that i have finally finished my education in Swiss German University. Oh by the way batch 2011 in International Business. I had an internship in Berlin, Germany and i wished i can go back to that period :( I miss you all German squad!

I am glad that i made it out alive, but i am also quite scared of what is waiting for me in the future. 
Have you guys felt this way before? Let me know how to deal with this!

Amidst all of the mixed feelings, i did have a quite splendid time celebrating on my graduation ceremony! Oh and did i tell you guys? I got a 'Summa Cumlaude' predicate with a cumulative GPA of 3.90 :) I am a proud self!

Wardrobe by: Fleur_inc
Brushed by : Tina Chen

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to God and my family. 
The ones who never let me down and supports me always in what i do, including believing in me no matter how impossible things look like. 

Parents play the biggest role. In all parts of your life, no matter what stage you are in. So may i encourage you to try to never let down your parents. They just want you to be your best self and they love you unconditionally so why disappoint them? Love you mom and dad!

presenting you.... my annoying sisters! they might be ass-h*les sometimes, 
but i love them like a fat kid loves chocolate.

Daddy's little girl :)

And the moment was totally complete with the presence of my friends! I love you all thanks for coming and celebrating with me. I got you guys some food at least ;D

Graduating was not easy at all. I had to go through one of the most challenging moments of my life where i questioned everything, my well-being, my position in the society, how my brain works, how i control my behavior, the wars inside my head, and all the struggles. So please, please, if you have not stepped in our shoes, please do not judge us for the decisions we made. I am thankful i had undergone so many experiences both locally and internationally, all the good and bad things that happened, they all taught me life lessons that i will never be able to obtain somewhere else. To all parties that are involved, directly or indirectly, thank you.

I know that's loads of photos but i won't do this very often. I just think this is one of the grand events in my life and i'd like to share everything! Thank you so much for all the gifts, flowers, and hampers!
Those of you who cannot make it due to various reasons, see you next time and still thank you so much for all the gifts, flowers and hampers!

'I did it!'-Felicia Marcellina

Bye for now, Felicia Marcellina


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Love for you all, Cells.