Staycation at JW Marriott Jakarta Hotel: Part 2

Continuing my part two post of my staycation in JW Marriott Jakarta.
There are definitely some good vibes in a staycation. There definitely are.

All these amazing waking up and showering luxuriously steps, these are all stress-reliever machine. 

Needless to say, these pictures might have spoken more of my amazing stay in JW Marriott than my words can ever tell. 

Blending in with the view got me.

Would definitely come back for another staycation!

And of course the breakfast in bed part :)

Bye for now, Felicia Marcellina


A Hearty Letter of Deep Thoughts in: Grand Hill Hotel Puncak

It's one of those nights when you really do not feel like sleeping, 
and a troll of thoughts just come into your mind at once. 

So i have never really made a hearty post ( a post that actually describes how i feel), like a 'curhat' post, but this time i actually am in the mood to do that. So please bear with me.

To the guy that i know am reading this, i would just like to say thank you. Thank you for all the times that we went through together. Thank you for keeping up with my mood swings, for keeping silent and not answering back whenever i throw you with crazy non-stop cuss, for sending me stupid pictures to laugh over, for staying whenever i tell you to leave, for teaching me to be independent, for not spoiling me like other rich guys to their baby doll girlfriends, for not being mad when i ignore you (70% of the time), for singing me to sleep with all those music, for always trying to find topics whenever i do not want to talk, for sending me flowers and food lol, for taking me to random places to chill when i need to, for filling in the silence when i keep quiet, for always mystically finding out whenever my mood is down, for reminding me the important things in life, and one of the most heroic and unselfish act a man can do, staying away obediently as told to when i was with somebody else, and coming right back when i decided to part him hurtfully.

And, for all the full of anger and tears moments we shared. 

And now, for the sorry part.

I am sorry.
For getting mad at you for no reason, i was just scared of losing you. For being so curious, i just wanted to understand life from your point of view. For letting out hurtful sayings and retarded cusses, sometimes my head does not really want to get independent, and all i want is to be relying on you, but you teach me not to. For not picking up your calls or replying your messages, i simply want you to come meet me. For getting your heart ship-wrecked with my wrecking-mood-swing-balls, i did not realize i was hurting you.

And on top of all, i am sorry i did not say yes, i was afraid our social status would not match.

I am a country girl coming from a small and hearty city, was not looking for any love match to upgrade my social status, you are an old player in the big 'ol city. I was too afraid to answer the many twirling questions in my head, 'would you be able to visit my small city and feel comfortable in your stay? will i ever 'fit in' in your family and vice versa? am i the lucky girl that can help you in your running empire?'

And now that things are well-sorted. I just want you to know that i am rooting for your happiness, with or without me. You will definitely always be my walkie-talkie, my human diary, my personal mood-detector, and of course my chaffeur ;) I love you best and cheers to single/attached life!

Eyelash Ext: Lashtique

Bye for now, Felicia Marcellina


Hunting Paradise: Nicole's Kitchen & Lounge

I guess we all need little retreats from life every once in a while, and i choose to make mine a paradise hunting session each time. Let us say i'm following the crowds, visiting the famous places and trying to find the hidden gems in each area along the way.

So my family and i were initially looking for places that are cool (as in temperature) to chill in. Therefore we drove all the way around Bandung and Puncak area, explained why i did not miss this Nicole's Kitchen & Lounge, which was quite talked about as one of the famous places in Bogor.

The place was chill, mainly decorated in white, which brought some elegance to the place itself. It was windy when we reached there, thankful enough it was not raining in the city of rain for us to enjoy the venue enough.

There were cute 'huts' like the ones you'd perhaps see as romantic places to hang in with your loved ones, with mattresses you can lay on.

And then there was a dome as well in the front, and with perfect lighting, the white nuance will lead you to questioning whether or not you were in heaven.

As for the closings, they have beautiful corners and spots for perfect white OOTD pictures. So, get your gears on if you come visit. We honestly did not eat much, we ordered some wings and three drinks to munch on. The taste and prices were okay, we spent around 150K for three girls. Worth the pictures a lot, though.

Let's say we are our father's Charlie Angels?

Heels: YSL

Bye for now, Felicia Marcellina


Staycation at JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta: part 1.

I know the name JW Marriott wouldn't sound unfamiliar in your ears, and yes, this is the JW Marriott, 5 stars hotel i am talking about.

Located in the heart of Jakarta, in the Bundaran Mega Kuningan, this hotel gives you the easiest access anywhere. A few bars and dine places are well-situated nearby this hotel so fret not if you'd like to grab more munchies other than the signature dishes from the hotel itself.

These photos are taken by the pool side. The pool itself is not very big, but still so finely treated as a private pool, where you can relax and feel yourself at home easily. The green environment is well re-lived despite the business of the city - all the traffic and sort.

and if you'd only like to sit back and relax, instead of dipping in, these lovely benches are the ultimate answer. Why won't you sit and enjoy the vibe with me then?

Oh and if you are looking for something more exploring, take a walk along the path around the park area next to the gazebo. and snap some photos while doing so, i mean.

Well, that's only just part 1.
Come back if you would let me share you my part 2, about the room and stuff.

Jalan DR Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung Kav E.1.2 No. 1 & 2 Kawasan Mega Kuningan, East Kuningan, Setiabudi, South Jakarta City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta

The hotel rate varies during holidays and regular days, but as for the rough estimates accross room types, you can go as low as IDR 1.5mio to IDR 3mio. One room is entitled to two breakfast packages.

Do explore every corner of the hotel to find best snaps, and add spa package for an ultimate relaxing getaway. Picking up food delivery is only available at the very front lobby so make sure you wait in the right lobby :)

Thank you to JW Marriott for the lovely stay.

Heels : J - Rep 
Bag: Chanel

Bye for now, Felicia Marcellina


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