Trying to survive

I know now i'm getting bored. I'm sorry for the lack of outfit post, but to tell you the truth, i can't go out, hang out with some friends due to our hectic schedule filled with examinations.
The fact that holiday is coming makes me feel so excited, and so does the fact that my term examinations ended right today.

But that's not the only news. Like they said, there's always a bad and good side about something. The other fact that i found, i will have to go through some addition examinations and assignments to add more plus in my final score. So i hope i'm gonna breeze through that.

And you know what i did in my boring days before? Yes. I drew some pictures. They may not be excellent, but at least they scared my boredom away. Forgive the editing, my editing application was deleted somehow. Enjoy!

Okay, mind to leave me questions here? many thanks.
Love Love Love to my latest follower, JesuisLaura, Vonny, alice H, and Erica Michel.
Wish me luck (again) and i'll see you pretties later ( i promise it will be soon).

Lots of smile and love, cella-noree


Hello lovelies, thanks for visiting me!
Love for you all, Cells.