Self-confidence gathering

I design some clothes
I am more into drawing or styling =)
Well, i can do both designing or styling .
and also,
I sew some clothes!

I do photography and collecting
Yes i do photography. i like taking photograph .
And i also do collecting things with my sisters.
Not only hello kitty but also another lovely characters that we like.

I do artMy mother and i made this piece of art
and that clay? i made it myself.pretty cute huh? pretty wonderland =)
I am a winnerI got lots of trophy and awards.I sing, i dance, i read poems, i deliver speech,
i make wall magazines, i draw pictures, i do spelling bee :)

I do EditingI do editing . some pictures and also for contest

I am a self-controlled person
I am able to control myself, i don't buy too expensive things
and i can reduce my desire to shop everyday

I am a Joker and a friendly person

I can make people laugh and feel comfortable around me
Well that's my crew said. =))

I learn things real fast
I learn things real fast, in school lessons,
and also in practical. I learn something real fast.
Not everything, but a lot, i think =)

I can speak English well
Nah, if you all don't know, english is my foreign language,
It is not my first language nor my mother tongue.
But i think i am able to speak pretty well.
That's a gift right? =D

Well i think that's all. Upcoming next! =) Those are gifts for me.
What i am able to do and to prove my confidence =)
tell me what do you think, or maybe, what can you do? :)

xoxo, Cella-noree


  1. wow such an inspirational and uplifting post x

    High street + Couture =

  2. your drawings are really beautiful, you're talented! amazing! <3


  3. I love your look on life :)

  4. cute post. I'd love to see some clothes you designed one day!

  5. Gorgeous illustration, darling!


  6. you are good at drawing .
    keep drawing, girl :)


  7. This is amazing!

    I wish i could all the things you can!

    Very very talented!!!

    The only thing i have is ambition and passion haha!!

    MORE drawings please :)

    Char x

  8. i love the drawing =] you got some talent

  9. wow,,nice design...
    so,,wanna follow me??or x-link??

  10. soo inspiring!
    i`m so jealous when i read ur post, i have been 18 years old could not speak english well,

    i like ur design, i like ur photograph, at all i like ur post! =))


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