Cry your eyes out, or not.

Cry your eyes outI just watched a brilliant movie and i think i would love to share with you guys. I kind of missed this movie in cinemas, because at first i don't think that it's good. i thought it's a movie for kids, so i chose to watch something else. But after i heard some of my friend's talk about this movie, i'm kind of getting curious, so i bought a copy and there, i started watching.

Their talk was not wrong at all. This movie is totally great! Not only it'll dry your tears out of your eyes, but it's like having more moral message. So this movie is highly recommended for you, especially the ones who have dogs. Well dogs are the man's best friend.

So this movie is played by Richard Gere.
Let me take you to a brief explanation about this movie.

One fine day, Parker (Richard Gere) just got off the train from work. He's walking on the side of the track when he saw a cute and lovely puppy in front of him looking at him with his puppy dog eyes. He looked around to see if the dog belongs to someone nearby, but no one seems to be its owner.
So Parker asked the station man to know if he could take care of the dog until someone come to claim the dog. Sadly the station man isn't available for taking care of the dog, so Parker decided to take him home until the owner find the dog, even though his wife hates dog so much. He kept the dog in a box, but the naughty dog got out and showed up to his wife, which makes his wife furious. So the dog has to be kept outside the house, in a tool-house.
After a few days, even though Parker had made news about the missing dog, no one had come to claim the dog. And parker kept taking care of him, teaching him games, and when his wife saw how close they were, she decided to let parker have the dog. So when someone wanted to adopt the dog, his wife refused.
And this dog was named hachi, because the god necklace is his
neck is written "HACHI" a japanese for eight. Hachi got a long with Parker and the family, he's very devoted and he followed Parker everywhere he went. Hachi went with Parker to the station and picked Parker up after work. This had happened everyday.
One day, hachi refused to follow Parker to work. He stayed in his tool-house no matter how hard Parker called and begged him. But as soon as Parker left to work, Hachi ran to get him, and gave him ball, he was asking Parker to play, after playing the game : throw and catch a few times, parker said it's timw to go, But Hachi kept on barking as if He wouldn't let Parker go. But Parker just kissed him and said, "I'll see you at five!"
Unfortunately, Parker got a heart attack or what-so-e
ver at work and he passed away that day. Parker had never come back. hachi kept on waiting in the train station, in the park. Parker's daughter tried to take care of hachi but Hachi ran away, so Parker's daughter let him go.
Hachi had gone nowhere but the train station. People around the train station, who was once friends of Parker took care of Hachi. They gave hachi food. Hachi lived in the train station as if it was his house. he kept on waiting for Parker but Parker had never come home.
Hachi waited for nine years. In the exact same place in the train. He had been very old and weak, and one night, he died, in the place where he waited for Parker. He might just be a dog, but his devotion and love is more tight and huge than human.

The end
Ah i love the movie. The dog is an AKita dog, here's a few shots of the dog.

And speaking of which this is a true story happened in Japan. A bronze monument was even build to appreciate the dog's devotion. If you visited Japan, don't forget to see the monument in Shibuya train station. I look forward to seeing that soon, as well. :)

The real hachiko died in 1934.

That's it. and this is my new section. about movie.
So until next post,

xoxo, Cella-noree


  1. great review!


  2. Thanks for commenting :-) The tattoo didn't actually hurt towards the top where the muscle was, but when it got down by the ankle bone it was AWFUL!!! I tried to tell the guy to stop, but he reminded me that he couldn't really just stop because we were already more than halfway done. haha.

  3. It's really a good movie ♥ I never thought it would be for kids but I thought it be bad...but not at all ♥

  4. i loved hachiko !

    hope you've had a great weekend !
    thanks for the sweet comments :)

  5. omg that is such a sad story! I can't believe the dog waited at the train station until he was too weak and died. I really want to see this movie now, I've heard raving reviews but didn't know the storyline until I read your post!

  6. This post reminds me that I still need to see this movie even though I'm sure it'll make me cry.


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