School bon fire.

Okay so here's the news. A few days ago, our school was burnt. yes. someone set it on fire. Pretty cool, eh? The fire gave us three days off school. We're somehow happy since it could be the smartest way to punish the teachers and the principal, as they always punish us.
The fire started at dawn, and it continued till the sun rose. The fi
refighters could finally get rid of the fire after 'fighting' for some hours. There's something funny about this fire. The fire burnt only the teacher's room, and the principal's. No more, no less. It didn't reach any other places. Not the classrooms, not the labs, not the cafeteria, not any other places.
One thing that i seriously amazed about. there's a huge Jesus' cross in the teachers room. When everything else was burnt (leaving nothing else) , this cross ( which is made from wood) wasn't even touched. Not burnt, not even the edge. That's the only thing that wasn't burnt. *shrugs*

That's all for now. sorry for the heavy image post! another spoof will be coming soon. very soon, dearests. :)


  1. This is so sad. How can one even think to do this?? pathetic.

  2. Woah. That's intense. I can't believe the cross didn't get burnt at all! That's so symbolic.



  3. whoah really really sorry for your school :(

  4. thats crazy insaneee, and extremely spooky at the same time aha hope everyone is ok :(

  5. I'm sorry about someone setting fire to your school.

  6. OMG!! That's horrible! I'm sorry for your school! :(


  7. oh God, that's too bad! i'm sorry for the accident :'( the Jesus Cross story is amazing!

    Castor Pollux


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