Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations for our lucky winner. You win my first giveaway, and i'm very happy for you.
So sorry for the delay of the announcement, but yes this is your lucky day. I'm out of town somehow so this is the only time i've got to announce.

We have 199 entries, I generated through random generator at Random.org and thw lucky number was.. 162! Our winner is The Angry jackalope! I'll be emailing you soon, so just sit tight and wait for me :)

Still have a problem on how to post the picture though. *shrugs* Once again, i wanna thank Tamara from Like Peter Design for sponsoring me. She has totally beautiful stuff, guys. Better head on right there!

And for those who haven't win Just.. YET. I'll be back with more and more fun for all of us. :)

xoxo, cells.


  1. Congratulation winner :)

    Anw, you can join my first giveaway here http://pintaliztiirene.blogspot.com/2010/09/f21-statement-ring-giveaway-from-me.html which is F21 peach statement ring at
    my blog. The merrier is more fun :)


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