Let's Not Fry Our Hair, Shall We?

Good news from Good Hair Day! 
Apparently styling our hair does not always have to be equal to frying our hair into crisps. 
Want to know how? Keep reading.

This November, GHD Styling (fun fact: GHD stands for Good Hair Day) just launched the newest member of the family, the GHD Platinum Hair Styler, and i was lucky enough to be invited to witness the demo LIVE by the head of sales and education GHD Asia , Robert Resnick

These babies, along with their complementary hair products like hair spray, brush, etc will be sold exclusively at Sephora Indonesia, available at various malls in Indonesia like Plaza Indonesia, Kota Kasablanka, soon-Plaza Senayan and Mal Kelapa Gading. 

Not only that i was given the chance to have an intense chit-chat with Robert, he also offered to style my hair. Can't be happier! I asked for a bouncy wavy hair, just like the Victoria Secret models. Oh and did you know? They are the official styling partner for Victoria Secret! Now you know.

I was kind of scared it would fry my hair. My hair has experienced a lot of problems, mostly because of hair styler and hair coloring and i felt like i needed to be sure of what's going to touch my hair. But he said i would not have to be so worried as this styler is kind to hair. It won't fry it, instead, it will unleash the shine of your hair. And this was no joke. There was no excessive heat, he could even touch his cheeks with the styler with no sting. Bravo

They knew the optimum temperature to style hair without damaging it is 180 degree of Celcius. The shine-boosting property also caught my attention well. The product can also help you reduce hair breakage by 50%. This GHD Platinum Styler is more like skin care than make up, if you catch the point. And i sat rest assured. I know my hair was in good hands (and styler). 

And i got a major crush with the result. Are you curious to try it? Fly to your nearest Sephora.

'Life isn't perfect but your hair can be.

Bye for now, Felicia Marcellina

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