Review: Marina Smooth & Glow Two Way Cake and BB Cream

Warm greetings!
Holiday is sadly over and i do not know when is another holiday coming up at least for a few weeks from now. So, a couple days ago, Marina Team sent me a hearty package for me to try on, containing these two sweeties, the Marina Smooth & Glow Two Way Cake and BB Cream. Well, this is some good thing to forget my grief about the long gone holiday!

Starting off with the first one, Marina Smooth & Glow Two Way Cake.

This product has three variants of colors, including Peach, Ivory and Natural. The one sent to me is the Ivory one, which is perfect for my complexion, i have a rather fair complexion, by the way.

Two way cake is a combination of both 30% foundation and 70% powder. It will help you cover your black spots and flaws, as well as leaving your face looking more moisturized and smooth. The thing that i like the most about this product is, you can wear this for your natural look. You know there are some days that you do not really want to wear makeup, but you want to look slightly better than no makeup? This is the perfect product you should get your hands on. The final touch between combination of these two products will give you an ultimate glowing look, just as the product title says. 

Moving on to the next one, Marina Smooth & Glow BB Cream.

This BB Cream is a finite combination of foundation and moisturizer, and it comes in such a small package, enabling you to bring it anywhere you go without fuss. This Korean technology makes bringing two products not necessary, when one covers both function. This BB Cream contains essence of Lemon to brighten your face, as well as Mulberry to pamper your skin with nutritions, and finally is equipped with SPF 20++ to fight the sun's UVA and UVB. 

And the best news of the day would be that this product is applicable without powder. 
Well, isn't this Marina Smooth & Glow BB Cream handy? 

Thank you for providing me this 'natural look' products! Do understand that sometimes your skin needs a break from all that heavy makeup ya :)

Overall: I love these products. Not only they give you the daily natural makeup look you definitely would need, but also they have  very affordable prices, starting from IDR 20,000 only so you can start using this on a daily base without having to save too much!

'The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural.' - Calvin Klein 

Bye for now, Felicia Marcellina

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