The Rising Sun

And so the sun is rising, so are Andreas Odang's creative ideas.

So i was given the chance to attend this Andreas Odang's fashion show 
for Grand Hyatt Bridal Week 2016, and i could not resist to snap some pictures 
of the brilliance sewed creatively to the whole package.

The pieces showcased were basically full of graceful yet brave details, well-completed with the makeup, along with the iconic back sound. 
The details sort of reminded me of beautiful Chinese royal ladies, intriguing.

My favorite piece, obviously to those who recognize yours truly's taste.

And here goes the bridal pieces.

The bridal pieces sort of brought some sense of luxury, grace, and some beautiful cover-ups that gave the image of significantly desired, yet hard to catch women. Beautiful head pieces were also brilliantly completing the overall look.

Dresses: Andreas Odang
Head Pieces: Rinaldy A Yunardi
Shoes: Rina Thang

'And the sun has risen.

Bye for now, Felicia Marcellina

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