Me and my Furry Friends - Lancome and Bobobobo

So i started out with this black set, which is so lovely and i had so much fun with these babies, Hikaru and Joy the Toy Poodle, and Lala was a very naughty girl who wouldn't leave us alone, you will see her at the BTS. Lala was too active she could not sit for a photoshoot :(

she gave me a kiss :* 

Officially, those were the shoots taken, but, as for bloopers, check these ones out!

That's it. See you around!

1 comment:

  1. I like the "bloopers" even more than the official photos!
    The puppy dogs are cute.
    I love both of the outfits you wore in these photos.
    The pretty floral skirt and black top look great styled together,
    and I also love the chiffon skirt styled with the white blouse.
    You look adorable and pretty in all of these photos!



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