Lancome Blanc Expert Compact Cushion | REVIEW

Perhaps it is a little bit late to review this Blanc Expert Lancome Compact Cushion here, because they have come up with the high-coverage one due to the overwhelming demand and request on having higher coverage than this one?

Maybe. But not to me, since i am a foundation-girl when it comes to certain events, so the cushion that i need more is for daily use, so this one is at the moment felt sufficient for me. Let's do a thorough review of this one then!

For those of you who do not know what a cushion is, i do not blame you. With piles of new innovation here and there in the beauty world, it is acceptable to not being update with all the things that are going on.. So here you go.

A cushion like this is a BB cream in a compact form. A cushion usually offers not only the good that makeup provides, but also hints of skin care benefits, such as sunscreen, brightening, hydrating effects that do not only 'cover' your skin, but are intended to 'repair' your skin slightly.

It may never be as effective than your original skin care, because it is ultimately only a fusion, so the most that it can get is probably 50% (at the highest point) of what your normal skin care does. However, it is still better to have 50%, rather than 0%?

The most significant perk of owning a cushion rather than foundation in bottles comes really real when you are travelling. Having a super handy cushion with sponge inside eliminates the use of beauty blender, other separate sponges, and heavy foundation bottles. BUT, the coverage is usually still much below foundation.

The one Lancome sent me was the Blanc Expert Cushion Compact with SPF23+++ in shade BO-01, a rather yellow-beige color. The case and the refill were packaged separately, as if it is a puzzle that needs to be put together. I very much like the whole packaging though, they look very classy, in a way that the elegance gives my eyes pleasure. They definitely look expensive.

The case was a compact case with inbuilt mirror. There was a tray that functions as sponge holder. It was made of plastic, a very light-weight indeed, very easy to bring. The case should fit refills of the same parent brand, as Lancome is under L'Oreal, other L'Oreal brands including YSL or Shu Uemura will probably fit in pretty easily to the case. As for other Korean brands, i am not sure.

The formula itself, as said earlier is rather sheer and light than heavy and high coverage. It has a cooling sensation once you tap them to your skin, i am guessing it should drop around 1 - 3 degrees Celcius off your normal skin temperature. This feature really helps for users who live in a rather sunny, tropical area, and summer time, of course, as it helps with the heat wave then.

The finish that it offers is natural satin glow, rather than matte finish. This is made possible also because of the hydrating effect that it has, so it is not finishing matte. Therefore, although this is for all skin types, i am predicting that this cushion is even more perfect for dry to combination skin than it is to oily skin. According to my own experience, the formula stays on my face, which is combination, for approximately 4 hours before it gets oily.

This is how it looks from the top cover. Very pretty, classic, and elegant, correct?

What i also like about this cushion is that it is very build-able, so it does not get cakey when you touch up. Well, a little touch up here and there, especially with the cooling sensation it sends is pretty much inevitable. It has medium coverage, perfect for daily use. The formula also does not clog pores, and creates a very smooth finish so the pores does not look crazily separated, but well-covered. I have pretty big pores so i am pretty happy with this performance. The smell of this product is very floral-powdery scent that does not last more than 3 minutes when you apply it.

Lancome Blanc Expert Compact Cushion

Price: IDR 650.000 
(for a package of refill and case)

- lovely packaging, very elegant, classic and feminine
- does not clog pores, rather, covers them
- the color suits my complexion very well
- has cooling sensation
- hydrating
- has good coverage for its medium coverage class

- oil control needs to be upgraded
- medium coverage, so it does not cover acne marks, dark spots, and scars, 
(refer to the high coverage formula for this problem, or use concealer)
- pretty expensive

Purchase at:
Lancome stores worldwide, or various beauty dept-stores.
or line id: celoceloo for special price and discounts.

"Sure, my life is not perfect, but my cushion is."

Till then,


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