Fast Fun Facts,

Hello world, this girl you're seeing is just an ordinary girl. No, i'm kidding. none of us is ordinary. as i am, i am definitely not ordinary. I am so extraordinary. I might have some stuff you will want to see, or NOT. So let's see if we can make it cool.

So hi everyone who's visiting this stuff. My name is Felicia Marcellina S. Don't ask what S stands for because i'll have to consider to tell you. fellas always call me Cella, Cello, or whatever you'd prefer. As i said, i am not an ordinary girl. i don't easily get tired, as how they say i might be a 'freako' but in a good way, copy that. and so i don't really know when did i start to like fashion, well, i actually like doing things. just to kill the boredom, and hell yeah, this one is a good thing. And so what i am about to bring here is just several patterns i've drawn in my life. it's just a part of Cella you might wanna enjoy, or not. and FYI, i always hosted a garage sale every six months, and i'll upload some of the items here , just in case if i can even reach your place and send it to you, then it'll be 'pleasure doing business with you'. until then, enjoy, and please visit regularly, you'll never know what i have in mind. as the ending, 'Make yourself at Home.'

xoxo, Cella-noree.

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