shockingly awaken

This one looks awesomely beautiful. i'd like to have this piece, if i can get some more money. :))

And this one's so cool. Pretty classy, but so simple and easy. it's like, all me. lmao. :))

Oh my God. Look at how this girl dresses. well it's Marc jacob's. i heart this. why ? maybe because i have a piece which looks a lot like this, and i'm going to wear it, like , tomorrow? Lols. Thumbs up, Marc Jacobs. you rock. ANd we'll see some pieces of his work again.

and so, till tomorrow, let's see what i have in mind tomorrow. and it's cold here. so i'd better turn on the heater. leave comments. let me know what do you think. thanks. :))

xoxo, Cella-noree

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