Choices to be chosen

Picture from TeenVogue.

This is what Taylor Swift looked like when she was attending the Time 2010 Gala (Left) and the Met's costume Institue Gala (right) . In the right side, Taylor looked good in black short strapless dress, but looked as great as in the right side, she looked a lot more romantic and elegant with this long flowing dress, and red lips , but still in her curly hair on both.

In my own opinion, i love the right picture, TAylor elegante.
Tell me what do you think, so i can see your points of view .

Here's just a few random pictures from yesterday's yesterday. Nah, i mean the day before yesterday :)

This picture is so blur where i find my eyes look like doubled.
I look like i'm having four eyes. :D
This photo's uploaded just for fun

About this, i edited this. so i don't have twins or something like that.

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and please, please, please, let me know your points of view, especially about the Taylor Swift thing. Have a lovely life, people.


  1. She looks HOT in the left picture!! Love it!!

    P.S: Thanks for visiting my blog & commenting!! I really appreciate it!


  2. hi i like both your blog i think you must update daily write anything i will visit you daily if u post something

  3. i like Taylor in black short strapless dress !
    terlihat lebih elegan and hmmm... sexy gituu dehh! tapi ga bisa dipungkiri pake dress yg putih itu juga dia tetap terlihat cantik kookkk! hehehe (:

    btw , wanna exchange link with me?


  4. I like the right picture too, I think she looks better in white!!

  5. hemm,,u can get the ori cd from mangga dua..
    or u can borrow it from rental..

  6. i love tailor swift, i think with her straigt hair now she even looks prettier!

  7. I think Taylor Swift looks gorgeous in both photos but in very different ways.

  8. taylor swift always looks amazing!


  9. cute post lovely outfits

    enjoy have a great day

  10. Hi!
    Thanks for the visit and leaving a comment in my blog, yours is really nice!
    Will be here again for sure!

  11. I think she looks better in the black outfit, its more elegant.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog.

  12. you look cute with that tiara!


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