Speaks for my heart

I decided to make a new section, which is weekly updated,
about what my heart says. So this section is going to speak a lot about what i am feeling in my heart and indeed it delivers them not in poems and not in a direct monologue.

Instead, it will be delivered in some song lyrics, which i think is suitable and totally match how i feel inside. It's not all true, but at least the major part does speak for my heart.
So this brand new section is named 'Speaks for My heart' by me.

be sure to check out every week, who knows maybe we're feeling the same way?

SO today's song is 'GOODBYE'


I can honestly say you've been on my mind
Since I woke up today, up today
I look at your photograph all the time
These memories come back to life
And I don't mind

I remember when we kissed
I still feel it on my lips
The time that you danced with me
With no music playing
I remember the simple things
I remember til I cry
But the one thing I wish I'd forget
The memory I wanna forget
Is goodbye

I woke up this morning
And played our song
And through my tears I sang along
I picked up the phone and then put it down
Cause I know I'm waisting my time
And I don't mind

Suddenly my cell phone's blowing up
With your ringtone
I hesitate but answer it anyway
You sound so alone
And I'm surprised to hear you say

You remember when we kissed
You still feel it on your lips
That time that you danced with me
With no music playing
You remember the simple things
We talked til we cried
You said that your biggest regret
The one thing you wish I'd forget
Is saying goodbye
Saying goodbye

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xoxo, Cella-noree


  1. song lyrics are fun! so many people doesn't pay attention to the lyrics and only the tunes but I gotta love the lyrics if I love the song!

  2. i love this new section!

    High street + Couture =

  3. heh I have also opened an account in formspring!

  4. lovely good bye song its interesting

  5. its very nice post
    looks different and

  6. This thread sounds authentic original, loving it! Have always grew a passion for poems! Have a super week-end!

  7. wow, never known this song before.. thanks for sharing! :D

  8. I saw i don't follow u yet :O
    now i follow U


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