Bonk AVA award

I've got an award from Sherlyn from Butterflies and me.
Thanks girl, means a lot.

So i guess i would obey the rules. *grins*

1. How many blogs do you have and how old are they?
First of all, i got two blogs. My Lovely Curse( it's this one) is 4 months old.
Not really, actually, it's 3 months old going on 4 months old. *shrugs*
And the other one, my other Lovely blog, Shop-Lovely Curse
This one is a little bit younger. It's one month old. Still a cute baby huh? Duh!

2. Since when have you known about blogging world?
I was first inspired by a blog featured in a magazine. Not one, actually, two.
Natalie Suarez. yeah there she is. She was featured in Looks magazine.
I liked her style and started to think, I want to share my style too.
But i actually thought it would be impossible for a girl coming from Indonesia to do that.
but after i saw the second blog tagged in the magazine, I realized that everything was possible,
so thanks to these two blogs. And the other blog is Fashion Suicide.
She comes from Indonesia too, that's why i thought that, i could do it.

3. Why were you interested in blogging?
Because i want to share my style to the world.
Not only my style, but also everything i have. Everything that i enjoy doing,
I enjoy eating, everything. I want the world to see what's in my world.

4. What are the plus and minus points of your blog?
I don't really know, perhaps i'll leave it to my readers to answer.
but one thing for sure, i am positive that whenever i share something honestly,
i believe that it's positive. For me and for my readers.

5. This award's tagged for :
Alice H from Capture the Moment.
Diana from Call me Diiyn!
Isabella Costa from The Fake Bitch
Claudia K from Style Guru
Jesuis Laura from The street of Love.

Thank you Sherlyn. it means a lot to me.

Hey guys i'm sorry for not taking any outfit photos. But i guess i got one for you guys. Next post okay? it's just that i haven't been hanging out a lot lately. Summer job has took control over me. Even my boyfriend loathes the summer job. But what am i supposed to do, we can't turn backwards.
And i'm gonna be responsible for the choice i've chosen.

Til next post guys,
xx, cella.

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  1. Congrats on the award!! I have always wanted to get a blog award, great job. :) xoxo

  2. Wow thankyou for the award !!!
    Im honored -- and Im following you noww:D


    alice h

  3. I love your answers. :) You have an awesome blog.

  4. thank you so much for the award! it's the first award i ever got so you really made me happy :)

  5. Congratulations girl.!! U deserve it. cheers.

  6. I'm the same as you on most of your answers, I just love being able to share my style with everyone, whether its good or not.

  7. Nice blog and congrats with your award!

  8. N hey U didn accept my FB request yet..!!

  9. Yeah.... We are best friends...
    Vinda started the blog, she own the blog as well... I just help with the photography thing and few comments...

    So.... CONGRATULATION fro the award....
    Hope the best... Keep it up the good blog work... :)

  10. Congrats on your award, darling!
    Love your interview answers, especially #3!


  11. congrats sweetie!

    Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

  12. congrats for the award.. i've got mine too..
    have a nice day

  13. Congratulations and I cant wait for your next post!

  14. great answer dear ;) i love your blog so i'd follow you, follow balik dong yaaa hehe

    so check mine :)

  15. congrats, you are right, blogging is a way for each person to share their unique point of view with a more global audience.
    ps. in response to your comment, my woods, actually being in washington, are probably even more authentic than the woods in the twilight movies (which were filmed in oregon)


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