A trip to nonsense

A few days ago, i just took a little trip to my elementary school. My old elementary school is now changed. It used to have only one floor, with chocolate-friendly-wall, sunny baseball field, friendly and rural air, lovely walking area. Not so modern, but full of love.
And guess what i saw, it's completely different. NONSENSE. It has four floors now. The baseball field is now a parking lot. It's friggin' hot around there, no big trees, and the field is just like, a small pool-big. Demolishing might be the problem, but it doesn't look as what i remember. Not at all. It feels like i have never known that place. Still standing as an elementary school doesn't make it feel better. I was hoping for a memoir strukk, but guess what? Nothing happened. That place is brand new for me. I don't know that place. Completely zero d'javu.
Fvck. Screw you people. You just pressed the 'delete' button on my childhood memories.
Warning : Image heavy.

I should have enclosed a photo of this school in past, unfortunately, i don't have one. :(

Details over here.

asymetric top : unbranded , jeans : T27 , bag : yeye, wedges : anna masotti

guess that's all for today. I'll see you all later.

And hey this is my 50th post.

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  1. My old school has changed so much to, but i guess so have i! love your top :)


  2. ohhhh you look gorgeous! and btw im LOVING omg right now too!

  3. Well that sucks! (About the school) :(

    Adorable outfit. ^^

  4. wow your old school looks huge, I'm so used to little schools here though so maybe its just me.

    Cute bag.

  5. my school has also changed a lot!
    cute top :)

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    xo Lynzy

  7. Cool pics, thanks for sharing! :-))
    Love your coordination! :-)

  8. that top really suits you x

    Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

  9. Already am :)


  10. hey Felicia. Thats fine. Dont think much. Changes are inevitable. And congratulations on your 50th post. Keep writing. Red is so ur color. Looks gorgeous. :) smile please.

  11. love the wedges darling :)

  12. Awww that's sad of them to do that demolition...I know I feel the same when I see so many changes in my school but I guess time has to seep throiugh!

    Love your wedges!

  13. awww I had similar experience too, when my dad sold the condo that I grew up in! lol. But it happens... Lovely outfit you got on though!

  14. cute blog!

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