Marrying Comfort and Style: Morning Whistle by Terry Palmer

Who doesn't like relaxed mornings?

I definitely like relaxed mornings more than hangover mornings, so grow up guys! What's on trend today may not be one anymore tomorrow. Core essentials of human will stay anyway. Speaking of fashion, when it comes to the one ultimate value that is needed the most to keep people wearing our fashion items, i would vouch for comfort, always.

Why comfy?
Think of yourself as a mere human, not a supermodel nor a public figure who would kill to look awesome in public (oh wait they wanna get comfy too off-camera), would you want to wear something comfortable or would you wear something that is not?

So thank you @letswhistle as the official reseller of @morningwhistle Terry Palmer for sending me this comfy homey long sleeved tee. Oh look they have so many variants of color you can never get bored of.

Cute packages always enchant me, and they have uber cute ones! The packaging for my tee looks like a coffee cup and it's written 'fake coffee'. They also have 'fake milk' too. For me, this shirt is something i can wear to campus, to malls, to amusement park, to sport halls, or to bed! I would say this is one of my fave things as it is like marrying both comfort and style whereas usually you are always entitled to pick one over another. One shirt, endless possibilities.

Necklace | Primark

'I am okay looking nice with pain, 

but i am dying to have both comfort and style.'  

Bye for now, Felicia Marcellina

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