Sebastian Sposa and Ivory Bridal Jakarta: Enchanting Wedding Dresses to die for.

Presenting Her World Indonesia and Ritz Carlton Indonesia event; a fashion show of wedding dresses brought to you by Sebastian Sposa and Ivory Bridal Jakarta, 
invitation made by Purity Card.

Sebastian Sposa - Adoration 

Ivory Bridal Jakarta - Ethereal Enchantress

Believing in fairy tales is not a sin, and i am a true believer. Wedding dresses give me goosebumps, to me it is the one ultimate moment when all women face their princess-y nature. So when i got invited to the show, i knew that i am going to be thrilled, and i am sharing with you this, so the show can dazzle you as well. What i wore to the show:

And it's a wrap. Amazing show by Sebastian Sposa and Ivory Bridal Jakarta, in the event of 
Her World Indonesia and Ritz Carlton Jakarta.

Bag | Louis Vuitton

'And they live happily ever after.'  

Bye for now, Felicia Marcellina

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  1. Before my wedding I asked many last minute questions from the manager, and his answer was always: "we have that covered" or "no problem". It was extremely comforting. I am so thankful to the manager and the staff from Seattle Wedding venues for all of their efforts on our behalf.


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