Miracle Aesthetic Clinic: Truly What i Need.

I am a very simple person. And by that, i meant REALLY simple. I am OBSESSED with anything simple.Same applies to my skin care routine. I tend to pick something really easy and time-saving. Time-consuming rituals bore me. 

When it comes to skin care, i have a very simple routine to take care of my skin. I only wash it properly, put on some moisturizers, day cream (night cream... only sometimes when i feel like doing it), and then makeup on. I used to have a very complicated routine, which i complied to for almost 2 years. This routine includes a bunch of things i can not mention one by one. I remember having to bring at least two boxes of skin care whenever i want to do sleepover. That.. I'm sick of doing it. So i stopped doing it. I consulted to my doctor confessing my laziness. She was kind enough to tell me to stop if i want to as long as i have no major problem with my skin upon termination of everything. So i quit.

I have to say i was not very disappointed with how my skin turned out. It was okay. The only things i wasn't very happy about was the blackheads, relatively big pores (according to me), and redness. My skin is not friends with the sun and heat. Whenever temperature goes up, it goes pink-pink-red. 

I was entitled for a free doctor consultation and Miracle Glycolic Peel Acid and i thought that this might help me solve my problems. And then i paid a visit to Miracle Taman Anggrek. Miracle is an experienced aesthetic clinic established in 1996. At first, i was skeptical about trying out their treatments. I was afraid that their treatment will make me dependent on their medication and treatment. But i am curious to find out.

The staffs were very friendly. I was escorted well through my treatment steps (remembering the fact that i wasn't paying as everything is on them, i was served in a very well-manner, in fact i was feeling prioritized.) They have a cozy waiting area where we are free to grab something to drink.

The treatment room was rather small, but it was clean and white. It kind of gives you the sense of feeling sure, it reflects the feeling that you are in the right hand, that the people here knows what they are doing, and comfortable because it is for one person only at the same time.

The nurse asked me if there is anything she can do to get me more comfy, but i already felt so comfy here. She told me the treatment will start in a few. She tied and covered my hair while i laid down on the bed then she cleansed my face. 

A doctor then came to do the treatment. She was very kind. She told me to not be afraid because she will get me only the dose i needed. I was worried that my face will go all-red since i have another event the next day. She herself conducted the full-treatment. All that i felt was a bit of itchiness around my face, but no pain. I was not injected with anything. The treatment was only about 20-minutes long.



As you can see, my face was not swollen, reddish, or looking bad at all. It almost looked like i had no doctoral treatment. I LOVE it. What i felt was that my skin was well-moisturized, elastic, and light. I also felt like my pores were getting smaller (relatively). 

The ultimate goals should be to reduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, shrink pores and clear your complexion, tighten facial sagging, reduce and remove acne scars, exfoliate dead skin cells and remove surface debris, and lighten hyper-pigmentation and age spots. 

Afterwards, the nurse asked me to sign a form as a proof that i claimed my treatments. I DID. and i am very happy about it. I am very satisfied with the fact that until a week after the treatment, i still do not feel anything that requires me to come back to the clinic. No cream or toner or anything were also given to me as an obligation to use. I will definitely come back every once in a while to boost my skin condition and it's good to know that not all doctoral medication for skin results in dependency.

They got me a receipt with a total bill of 0. I should have paid 150.000 IDR and 450.000 IDR for the glycolic acid peel, but i paid nothing. Thank you so much for the treat, and moreover, the experience, Miracle! 

'Skin care doesn't have to be complicated.' -unknown

Bye for now, Felicia Marcellina

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