Up Lovely Dinner 2015

Attended iWearUp Second Lovely Dinner at Bradley's British Tea House Jakarta last week.
Big thanks to Cosmogirl Indonesia for inviting me!

Welcomed by these lovely sweet decoration of flowers and bears.

And amazing floor tiles.

Was escorted to my seat and found this cute dining set! 

Found this table of people with the epic Diana Rikasari herself.

After some small talk, laughing and tea-sipping, here comes the time for dinner to get served.

Fruit pie, peach tea, and roasted chicken with mashed potatoes. Purr-fect!

A Closer look to my mouth-watering roasted chicken.

Wasn't able to snap a decent picture of the date-pie dessert though.

After a whole load of filling dinner, photo shoot session began.

It's good to know her as she is a very bright and fun lady with decent style. Good luck for developments of UP dear!

And one photo or two... will never be enough.

The team who made everything happened by inviting me, the COSMOGIRL INDONESIA

'Dinner is better when we eat together.' -unknown

Bye for now, Felicia Marcellina

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