Clozetters Meet Up at Koi Kemang: Travel in Style

A community is never a community without real gatherings.

And this is definitely also what Clozette has in mind, i presume. I uber like this idea, seriously. I like the fact that instead of only making a social media for people to interact without any offline meetups (re: making people get more and more addicted with internet and forgetting real-life interactions), Clozette is doing more fun stuff on being a real network for people, letting people meet more people, especially within the same interests; fashion and beauty.

The event was held in KOI Gallery and Cafe Kemang, Jakarta Selatan. My first impression as i stepped in was that this is a great place and i'm in love with the coziness level it serves. Great choice, team!

And on to the event. 

A great sharing and discussion over traveling in style was well-held. Thank you Kadek Arini and The Swanky Traveler i gained some insights to enrich my next travel, plus, i met someone here who is willing to help me during my trip later all thanks to Clozette

It is never Clozette's event without games, so yes this time we had to try out our mix and match skills according to designated themes such as winter look, summer look, city look and road trip look. My group was given the theme of road trip look btw!

Each team had to present and give insights of what they created. So i shared that our team wanted the look to be easy, light, and stylish. We used colors that were safari-inspired and heat-free items, and definitely no high heels for road trips.

Here goes the winner! Winter look team had to win the game. Congrats girls!

Thank you for the lunch too! i enjoyed every bits of it.

I got my skin checked by Hada Labo and found that my skin was a bit oily and needed some nourishment, and thank God they had the solution. Psst, i'm trying out their products so check out their products, they have wide variance of great affordable skin care products that will not fail you!

Groufie for everyone! Thank you so much for the fun event and 
looking forward to write more things with you, Clozette

And the obligatory part of my post, as always, a closer look of what i wore:

'One can never walk alone.

Bye for now, Felicia Marcellina

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