Marc Beauty by Marc Jacobs, A Closer Look.

Hi from this shelf of hotness! 
Yes, it's Felicia Marcellina speaking, 
and i recently was invited to visit the exclusive house of Mrs. Marc Beauty 
by Marc Jacobs at Sephora Indonesia .

She gave birth to amazing children this year and thanks to Sephora Indonesia, i got the chance to see them and now i am introducing them to you.
Are you excited to meet them? I know you are.

Look at their beautiful house here and how they gave me a warm welcome. 
Wait until i get to know them more.

Hi from these foundation babies! 
'GENIUS GEL FOUNDATION' is their full name. 
Its weightless-ness will never make you feel cakey!
And the greatest fact is that it is actually good for your skin since it contains some coconut essence. It's hydrating and definitely perfect for long-wear. 

Hi! This is Omega Bronzer and she'll be your best mate on 
having natural shadows for your contouring.

"I am the finishing powder and i will guarantee you 
a perfect light, amazingly flawless end look!"

"I am that pink baby in the corner and i am a bit shy *blush*. My name is SHAMELESS BOLD BLUSH." She is etched in that cute stripe pattern in that cute adorable little compact. Isn't she adorable?

"Hi we are STYLE-CON PLUSH! We have twin sisters. Some of them comes in three shadows and some of them comes in seven shadows. Let us know which of us you need!"
My fave is totally the no.7 palette in Vamp as seen in the picture.

And finally my favorite girl! The Magic Marc'er Waterproof Precision Eyeliner! 
With a touch of calligraphy tip, drawing wings has never been easier and more precise. May your wings be equal.

"Oh look who's here! That's our auntie we'd love to play makeup with her. Do you want to see how we transform her?" So i said yes. 

So i stayed and watch how these babies would transform the look. I can't help but to take notes of some inspiring tips of how to enhance the their use, for instance; how to pick the best color that suits your skin color. 

"Done! Do you like the end result?" 
"Definitely! such a sweet and fresh look would suit me."
She looks really fresh, doesn't she? 

Is it time to leave already *sad* ? 
I had so much fun getting to know all of them. Too bad i can only adopt some of them. 
Until next time, babies! 

Meet the daddy! Mr. Joon from Sephora Indonesia. 
Thanks for letting me in your house. See you real soon!

And we all can use a little 'wefie'. Nice to meet you all!

'I like long romantic walks, to the makeup aisle.

Bye for now, Felicia Marcellina

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