Four Ways of Feeling Fancy in One Set of Outfit: Featuring Les Femmes Indonesia

Ever felt that little annoying feeling where you think you can never be as fancy as 
those top models, celebrities or socialites? 

Feel that no more! 
Everything comes from inside you and you alone. The key to feeling fancy is to believe that you are. To build your confidence, all you need to do is to wear the right items, to have you get styled in a style you are passionate about. Featuring this brand: Les Femmes Indonesia. Scroll down!

I am going to share with you four ways of feeling fancy according to yourpreferences IN ONE SET OF OUTFIT. The aim of this is to show you that most often, it is not only about what you wear, 
but it is how you feel that is reflected out. You can be whoever you want to be as long as 
you are feeling it inside so don't kill your vibe!



And all those look is in one set of outfit! Enough to remind you that it is all about ourselves and not always only about what we wear? So start filling up your confidence glass 
and just the right amount will help you fly!

More details on the outfit

Wallet Clutch | Les Femmes
Nail | Misslyn 

Thank you to Les Femmes! I find their collection of bags, wallet, clutches, or shoes all in style. I can almost find something for all occasions when i go to their store. You should too! And as a good news to you guys, Les Femmes is not only available in Jakarta but also other cities so go find the nearest store! They also do online transaction and you can find them in Zalora or Matahari Mall, so no excuse, 
let's feel fancy and look fancy together!

 Find out which one is you!

'Let's Look Fancy and Feel Fancy!'  

Bye for now, Felicia Marcellina

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