Jakarta Fashion Week 2016: Patrick Owen and Soulpot Studio

Last day of JFW 2016 was a blast, Patrick Owen and Soulpot Studio showcased a freaking cool collections "JALANAN". Do you want to see my fave pieces? Special thanks to Anastasia Siantar :)

This show is basically a cross-culture inspirational show. It kind of represents a Yin and Yang balance as Patrick Owen showed a quite brave colorful iconic catchy items and Sujin Kim from Soulpot Studio expresses a more calm balanced warm-toned beautiful items. 

So let us start with Patrick Owen's collection, 'JALANAN', inspired by street style.

Rio Dewanto walked the runway as one of their muses too.  

My fave pieces are shown above! Colorful cheery pieces.

And then the show continued to the Korean Designer show, Sujin Kim from Soulpot Studio. Her collection assembles amazing flower petals with warm and elegant designs named "Wild Flower".

As always, the what i wore section.

'Poetic, Street, and Tailored. That is our style.' -J.Koo

Bye for now, Felicia Marcellina

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