Striplac from Alessandro is finally here at Sephora. "Can you peel it off?"

The long-awaited Alessandro Striplac LED peel-off nail is finally here exclusively launched at Sephora Indonesia!

Today i'm going to review a new kind of gel polish, the majestic peel-off polish! Alessandro International may have a ton of different nail products from regular ones, peel off gels, colored gels, or soak off gels. Why am i presenting this one to you, you might ask? The answer is simply because its uniqueness. We all fancy a time free from acetone smell and sticky cotton in the removal stage of our beautiful nails, don't we? This is the answer to your prayer.

I was invited to the media and blogger launch for Alessandro Striplac before it hits the market last week at Sephora Indonesia and i can't be more thrilled! 
P.S : It is sold exclusively only at Sephora :)

This Striplac from Alessandro International needs no removal product. I repeat, none. You can just peel it off. Quick and easy. It has a very high durability as well as it's supposed to last for 10 days or more with a promise of perfect finish until the tenth day. 

The Striplac starter kit contains a UV/LED lamp, cleansing pads, base/top coat, Striplac polish in red, cuticle pusher and a buffer. Right on to the 'how to' part!

Step #1: Apply a thin layer of base coat to your nails, and then dry it under the UV-LED lamp for 60 seconds.

Step #2 : Choose your color! I went for Crazy Lazy as i am a natural blue-lover. I would suggest you to apply the nail polish twice if you want a thicker and more even color but for those who want to do it once that is okay! after each layer, go for UV-LED 60 mins always though.
Step #3 Next, apply the top coat and dry it again for 60 seconds.
Step #4 Last one, let's remove the dispersion layer with a cleansing pad and voila! you're all set.

This is how it looks on my nails after 12 days. Nothing bad happened to it. No cracks, no nothing. I'm in love with the color and the durability, plus the ease to remove it! Check out this video for more info!

Oh and for those of you wanting to experience Striplac, go to Sephora Plaza Indonesia and get your nails done for free only until 4th November 2015. Don't forget to tell the team where'd you get this info from and tell them i said hi!

Met Dea Hamdan at the event! See you soon girl.

You. Will. Love. It .

'The happiest girls will have the prettiest nails.

Bye for now, Felicia Marcellina

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