Citra Natural Talent Finalists Quarantine: Day 1

I was thrilled when Citra called me saying i was chosen to be their finalist on their newest campaign: Citra Natural Talents. Just a while after, Gadis Magazine called me to let me know what i had to prepare for the quarantine, that;s how they called it, 'a mini getaway', in my dictionary. I will do a recap of how fun everything was, starting from day 1. So, scroll down.

It was noon when i arrived at Femina Building, the starting point of the getaway. I was frankly a bit late, and wet because of the rain. I quickly changed my clothes, and got introduced to others. 
Waited a couple of minutes then i was escorted to a car that would take me to lunch at 
Penang Bistro Kota Kasablanka.

My tummy crawled really crazily and i had it all-filled. The journey resumed to a drive back to Femina building, where a seminar about fashion and style was going to take place. 

It was indeed an informative talk show, brought by the experts from Gadis magazine. A brief introduction of Citra products was also conducted. The pearly white set was definitely my favorite, as i have always been a fan of bright white skin tone. The facial foam and hazeline duo is guaranteed to help you get a clear, bright and fair skin-tone as well as moisturized skin. The main natural ingredient they use was Chinese pearl powder, so fear not of overwhelming additives or synthetic substances.

Actually there was a hugely fun part that came right before dinner, which i had no time snapping photos of. It was the shopping session at H&M, where they gave me IDR 750,000 vouchers to shop with. It was so much excitement as i got to purchase some of my favorite things, and plus, i still have some residual balance for another shopping spree.

I was honestly tired, and not-well-dressed-anymore. 
Cameras were around for photos and videos, but later when they are out for public view, i am not sure i am going to be thrilled to see how i looked. I felt very messy. But the dinner was hearty.
 I am enjoying the beef quesadilla way too much. Bravo Munchies!

The decoration was very classic and dominated by pink and white
A lot of pearls and corals were seen, alongside with flower beds and petals. 

Citra never failed to surprise me. My muscles were sore and my eyes barely could be opened as i entered the Royal Kuningan Hotel, but as i crawled to my room, i found these beauties on the bed and an instant mood-boosting just occured. It was beautiful, it kind of made me felt warm 
on the inside, and i am a bit exaggerating, yes. 

So that was how the first day went. I will be telling stories of the second day very soon. 
Thank you so much Citra and Gadis magazine for having me. 

'Hard Work Beats Talent 

When Talent Does Not Work Hard.

Bye for now, Felicia Marcellina

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