Juara Skin Care: Radiance Vitality Oil

It's a fun day here at Sephora Plaza Indonesia with Juara Skin Care. Glad to have the chance to try out your products. Juara Skin Care is a local skin care products inspired by Indonesian herbs and scents. It was launched firstly in the United States and the respond is actually pretty good. So why wait to use local products? Scroll down for more details.

It all started with a warm and kind hand message with hearty gesture. I fell in love with how the scrub kissed my skin. My skin instantly felt more glowing. A LOT more.

Juara was inspired by the ancient beauty secrets and botanical remedies of the Indonesian archipelago, Juara draws from the practice of a time-honored herbal tradition called Jamu, as well as the best in modern science to create products that restore and enhance the skin’s natural balance and radiance

They have facial scrub, mask in three flavors, shower gel, and so many more products worth trying. My favorite product they just launched today is a super cool one, the RADIANCE VITALITY OIL.

Okay so what is this product? This is the kind of face oil which won't make you feel greasy and will not cause any breakouts. It's safe, it's easy, and it's herbal. 
Let me share you my thought after using it.

My results after one week based on the Benefits listed from their packaging:
Firms & Enhances Skin Elasticity (checked)
Brightens & Boosts Radiance (not yet)
Smoothes & Softens (immediate results)
Provides Antioxidant Protection (checked)
Helps Protect & Repair with powerful antioxidants Nourishes & Hydrates checked)
Ultra pure formula good for all skin types, especially aging skin (checked).

Noticeable results and changes can take some time, and 1-3 months is a normal time-frame for testing no matter what skincare you use. I am looking forward to trying more of their line as all Juara skincare is dermatologist tested. 100% vegetarian. Free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, gluten, artificial colorants and harsh chemicals and Certified cruelty free.

More specific product reviews are coming up because they sent me a full package but i guarantee you, my reviews will not be biased. let's keep up the HONEST REVIEW fellow bloggers because that is what our value is all about.

About the what i wore section, as always;

'Beautiful Skin Requires a Commintment, 

not a Miracle.

Bye for now, Felicia Marcellina

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