Cantik.com Luncheon with RTV

So i am back with a not-so-new post, an event held by Cantik.com with RTV as a media partner in Kemang, Kedai Kopi 89 to be exact. 

The session started off with subtle talks and sharing about social media, as usual, the hottest topic in the universe, apparently, nowadays. The table decoration was very nice. It was dominated by pastel colors, such as pale blue and yellow, and beautified by some little flowers,
just at the right amount to sweeten the mood.

Cantik.com is an online shop for women clothes with affordable price, sometimes they have a promotion of getting all items IDR 99.000 each. This is definitely a great deal, looking at the various models that get updated every once in a while, this website seriously deserves a shot at showing you how competent they are in the clothing industry, without draining out your pocket. Oh and i am wearing their Carol Blouse.

The next thing that intrigued me was honestly the cafe. It was a great place to hang. The food was okay, but the decoration. It had more than three backgrounds to take picture at. It was almost like i was in different places. Although the place was not too spacey, but they did such a great job on the interior design, i admit. Bravo! 

And, about what i wore section: 

'You create your reality.

Bye for now, Felicia Marcellina

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