HAWA Valentine x Mike Lewis

Valentine's Day may have left us, but not the love it brings.

So last Valentine was indeed quite a troublesome yet amazing week for me. Inspite of all the problematic matters, it was a great experience being an event organizer. So let me present you, this event: organized by HAWA.

The event started off with a talkshow with Love expert, Lex from KelasCinta.com. It then resumed to a great valentine makeup demo.

Then the audience were given some free time to enjoy the nail, makeup and hairdo service.

Then comes the best part of the day, getting an intimate talk with Mike Lewis, HAWA Crush. He shared about Valentine's meaning and plans, also his expected gifts for Valentine.

Photo session with fellow-bloggers and HAWA Team.

Softex Hello Kitty as gifts! In love with the 3in1 because in one package we are getting three kinds of pads, such as regular flow (24cm), heavy flow (29cm), and extra heavy flow (35cm). Ain't nothing better than practical things! The comfort slim one (36cm) is something you can rely on when you sleep, especially. It helps you to be less worried about getting blood on your sheets :)

The cute package makes me think it is even worth buying to decorate my shelves. 
Check out their cuteness as they can easily be found in Indomaret, Alfamart, or any nearest mart you could reach!

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