Cold Press ID: Detox and Weight Loss Program Review

So a couple weeks ago, this sporty coolbag was delivered to my door steps, and so i think, today is finally the day i get to try this detox program from Cold Press ID, 
a famous brand for cold-pressed juices.

I am quite happy they came in such fancy coolbag, making it a lot easier for me to bring my juices anywhere without having to worry and getting hassle bringing all the bottles.

When they asked me which program i'd like to try, in a flash, i know what i was going to choose, and just exactly, i know you girls will also choose this one, Skin Glow and Weight Loss! Well, everyone knows how fond we girls are of diets and its fellas.

So the program required me to drink 6 bottles of juices in a day, which means i had to gulp in 18 bottles of juices during my 3-days program. No worries though, they had the daily package sent in every day so it's completely free of preservative and freshness checked.

1. Green Boost: Cucumber, Spinach, Mexican Turnip, Lettuce Romaine, Celery, Bokchoy, Green Lettuce, Kale, Apple and Lemon.
To be honest, i was not a really big fan of veggies, well thats until now, i guess. So, the first bottle was quite a kick and since the schedule had it first in the morning, it sort of opened my eyes really. But i guess, there's a lot of goodness in it.
And this one opened my eyes even more. I personally think these two juices had a role in destroying my appetite and it actually worked!

2. Lean Green: Pear, Orange, Cucumber, Spinach, and Kale
And this one opened my eyes even more. I personally think these two juices had a role in destroying my appetite and it actually worked!

3. Roots Exotic: Cucumber, Beet Root, Apple, Carot, Lemon, and Ginger
They said this will clean my liver and kidney. There's ginger in it so it kind of stung a bit, but i guess this was an easier gulping than the first two indeed :)

4. Longevity: Blueberry, Grape, Cucumber, Pear and Apple.
This one is one of my two favorite! This felt like quite a happy bottle since it tasted a lot more fruity. Cheers to a long life!

5. Lean Green: well, gotta have to pay for the joy the last bottle gave!

6. Fountain of Youth: Carrot, Strawberry, Blueberry, Apple, and Cucumber.
Another bottle of joy! I started to think they are really smart to put this last because of the pleasant feeling it gave on the finish line of the program. Smart! and young :)

And they sent me daily package on the last day. These juices are rather smaller, about half the size of the weight loss detox bottles. And these juices are way better in taste! In love with the whole package, but as always, will always have my favorite.

These juices really got me feeling excited throughout the day. As usual, they came in 6 pawns per day. The flavors got me jumping, as i think, these juices were not just healthy, but also tasty.

This. is. my. fave. Berry. Hunter.
The name tells it all. This one contains Strawberry, Pineapple, and Watermelon.

So as a summary, the four days program including the daily juices had me:
- lost my appetite which results in less eating
- a more balanced and controllable hunger
- better sleeping (i guess i was full so i sleep better?)
- lost 4 pounds in 4 days
- reduced late night cravings

So, why don't you order yours, tell me if it works for you?

'I dare you?' 

Bye for now, Felicia Marcellina

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