Renewal Moves

I actually am very interested in the development of my dearly beautiful hometown, from a small-rural-conservative city to a constantly-developing-modernized city. If only i can find the proper words to describe it. Truth is, i knew this city to be a highly conservative city, a city that maintains all the simple details it has about life processes. Now, the city has finally opened up to more things to come, including developments and buildings here-and-there, facilitating new malls, hotels, and absorbing great architectures, well hopefully, lifestyles.

Once we heard that a new area is being built imitating the colorful architecture and vibes of Europe, i cannot resist paying them a visit, perhaps snapping a thing or two, well, ended up having more than 10 snaps though, there. 

The area has a quite well classic views, featuring a lot of bright colors combined with the graceful white, which is always my fave color when it comes to fashion photo, so i snapped these outfits for you all :)

Well, as a conclusion, i am thrilled that my city is now evolving, turns out this back-home-visit might be another exploration trip to a renewed city. 

Featuring mermaid skirt from chocochips boutique
Venue: Little Europe

'New places are always gems.' 

Bye for now, Felicia Marcellina


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