Hunting Paradise: Nicole's Kitchen & Lounge

I guess we all need little retreats from life every once in a while, and i choose to make mine a paradise hunting session each time. Let us say i'm following the crowds, visiting the famous places and trying to find the hidden gems in each area along the way.

So my family and i were initially looking for places that are cool (as in temperature) to chill in. Therefore we drove all the way around Bandung and Puncak area, explained why i did not miss this Nicole's Kitchen & Lounge, which was quite talked about as one of the famous places in Bogor.

The place was chill, mainly decorated in white, which brought some elegance to the place itself. It was windy when we reached there, thankful enough it was not raining in the city of rain for us to enjoy the venue enough.

There were cute 'huts' like the ones you'd perhaps see as romantic places to hang in with your loved ones, with mattresses you can lay on.

And then there was a dome as well in the front, and with perfect lighting, the white nuance will lead you to questioning whether or not you were in heaven.

As for the closings, they have beautiful corners and spots for perfect white OOTD pictures. So, get your gears on if you come visit. We honestly did not eat much, we ordered some wings and three drinks to munch on. The taste and prices were okay, we spent around 150K for three girls. Worth the pictures a lot, though.

Let's say we are our father's Charlie Angels?

Heels: YSL

Bye for now, Felicia Marcellina

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