Benefit Porefessional Face Primer | REVIEW

When you look into the mirror, and you see your big pores. Oh-well.

So why don't i take you to a review tour of something worth-reading to minimize your pores?
Scroll down.

Always starting it off with the packaging design. The design of the packaging is well-established. Classy and clean, i should say. The packaging itself is very informative, explaining all the ingredients and usage the product has on the back of the box.

The front look features the  famous girl agent, a slight information about the product.

It also includes a 'how-to' booklet, containing how to use and some more informative writings.

The product itself is contained in a tube-packaging. I do wish it has a flip cover though. But other than that, the packaging is pretty much fine.

This product, when used, provides you with a matte finish. This is also a primer, which is then to be used right after toner and moisturizer are applied well. It is also recommended to do reapply when you find your skin gets oily. The product is translucent, creamy, and has an oil-free formula. It is also enriched with vitamin E to help protect your skin.

This face primer is made of silicone and film formers, which help a lot in covering big pores. For me, it stays for about 6-7 hours, and in my case, i have quite combination skin, dry, but oily on the T-zone area sometimes. The liquid product has a creamy texture, but it goes very powdery after application. It also does not go here and there with brush application, meaning it settles pretty well. 


before                    -                      after

It basically clogs your pores, leaving you quite a smooth, non-bumpy canvas for you to start your makeup. Use less around eye area as eye area might be significantly more sensitive than other areas. This is not skin care, it is makeup, which means it only gives you temporary result and it is not helping you for a permanent result. It is not very greasy, but my skin felt a bit moisturized as well.

Benefit Porefessional Face Primer

Priced at: IDR 180.000 (7.5ml)
IDR 490.000 (22ml)

- lets foundation goes smooth and evenly
- evens out skin tone very well
- minimizes pore significantly
- not too greasy, not too drying
- settles well
- does not crack easily
- no paraben involved

- smells like citrus fruits (you guys know i love no-fragrance things)
- please always clean thoroughly and deeply because it clogs your pores to do its job
- less around eye area because it still contains some ingredients that might be sensitive.

Purchase at:
Benefit offline and online Sephora stores.
or line id: celoceloo for special discount and prices.

"Prime it up!."

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