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And my trip to Bangkok isn't quite finished yet. This very time, i will talk about my favorite place in Bangkok, for leisure and relaxing time. Not for the so called cheap stuff  hunting, but a dining place.


Find out why?

Everyone that matters to me knows how i am a sucker for romantic places.

I guess this do have something to do with me being fed Disney things ever since i was born, yes? But let me tell you what, i will do just exactly the same to my daughter later. Being a Disney believer just makes you a pretty much better person, relatively, as in i believe in impossible things, which strengthens my confidence and hope, i have happy feelings for romantic and princess-y things, which leads me to be able to have even greater fantasy and enjoy life a bit more. Well, maybe, just maybe.

Okay so back to this Chocolate Ville.

What is this place?
photos by: Eatandtreats
For one day/night in you trip, you can decide later, i would STRONGLY recommend you to visit this beautiful place, Chocolate Ville.

Unlike its name, there's very little relation of the place to the name, meaning it is not anything like chocolate factory, sweets shop, or anything, but simply, it is a dining place, a.k.a a restaurant, a fancy one, should i say. 

But, instead of being JUST a dining place, this place is extraordinary because it is a very big park with European scenery and architectural buildings, completed with small rivers and bridges, thematic little houses, small pier, secluded village, basically, fun thematic scenes everywhere your feet walks to.

photo by: eatandtreats
Where is it and How to go there?

Chocolate Ville,-
Soi Nawamin 74, Yak 3-8, Kaset Nawamin Road
Klong Kum Subdistrict, Bueng Kum District,
Bangkok 10230, Thailand

Take a taxi from Pratunam to Chocolate Ville for around THB 350 - IDR 150,000 - $ 13

Take an uber / grab for about THB 250 - IDR 100,000 - $ 9

About 30 mins from city center.

There's no BTS or MRT that directly goes to this place, but another option is you can ask the information booth in the station of which station is the nearest to Chocolate Ville, than get off your MRT / BTS there, take a taxi from there on.

What is the operation hours?

This place opens from 4PM to 12AM, so you can choose you'd like to arrive for the day or night scene. A little tip from me, do come at around 5PM or so, so you get to enjoy the place in both day and night scene. 

Any entrance fee?

There's no entrance fee, nothing at all, completely free. There is a bunch of spots to take picture at, a bunch of beautiful things to look at, perfect for couple, family, or even self-getaway.

How is the food and the price range?

We sat down on a huge table by the (artificial) lake, beautiful lights showering us, and just relaxed-ly chatted. The ambiance was just perfect to me. Simply something that i would visit again whenever i hit Bangkok, i am pretty sure.

Now here comes the time to try on the food we ordered. And guess what, these are seriously too cheap. I mean, for a restaurant at this class plus this ambiance in Jakarta, we could have paid for 4 times more while we only spent THB 1000 approximately for 3 people, around IDR 400,000 - $37.

We ordered a big pan of pizza with pork slices, German style Pork Knuckle with Thai sauce, and a generous portion of Spicy Seafood Spaghetti. Plus some iced tea and beers.

All for only THB 1000, and i personally think everything is very good.

We totally had a great time here. I cannot say more, i find basically no minus of this place. 

Good food, good place, good price, good time.

So there you go, visit them and show some love?

Till then,


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