Creme Simon Dermo Hydrating Toner Mist | [REVIEW]

You want to have toner, hydrating mist, makeup setting spray, and blemish treatment but they are just too damn expensive to have all at once? I have the answer to your prayers!

Meet Creme Simon Dermo Hydrating Toner Mist - a 4-in-1 solution for your skin, and wallet! 

Creme Simon might not be exactly familiar to all of you. Though some would have known the brand, but this brand originates not from Indonesia, or not being talked a lot about in Indonesia, yet. Why yet? Because i freaking love this product, which is why i have the feeling that once you all get to know this product, just like me, you will fall in love.

Starting with the packaging, as always, the packaging is very elegant, classy, cleanly cut, and feminine touched. The classy feeling the packaging has will make you think it reflects to its price. The emboss is touch-able flowers and leaves. One word; classy.

This toner mist is alcohol-free, hydrating and brightening at the same time. It also moisturizes skin, cleans makeup residue, and finally clear blemishes or irritation symptoms (redness, itchiness) on face.

It contains no alcohol, no paraben, no silicon, no sulphate, and no oil. 

Let us talk about the active ingredients, to get you to know this product first.
- Active Fleur Complex
a complex from 7 flowers and fresh plants rich in Phenols and Flavonoids to easily brighten skin
- Rose, Iris and Jasmine Extracts
these extracts simply regenerates skin cells
- Wheat Oligo Saccharides Complex
a complex that brightens and lessens skin's pigmentation

The spray is easily push-able, spraying the product evenly. The water has no color and is not sticky at all. You can smell some light floral fragrance coming from it, not very strong though, otherwise i am not going to like it :)

This toner has actually won many international awards as 'The Best Toner', as you can personally check on www.cremesimon.com, or you can also place your order there, 
or through Sephora, www.sephora.co.id.

This toner is safe for pregnant women, so you can always use this whenever wherever!

Some of you might think that this product is very pricey, but you are actually very wrong.
This product can act as at least 4 products; 
- Toner : pat with cotton pads
- Hydrating Mist : directly spray around 5 - 10 cm away from face
- Makeup Setting Spray : to make makeups last longer
- Blemish treatment : pat to acne or blemishes to cool them down

Creme Simon Dermo Hydrating Toner Mist

Harga: IDR 576,000 for 150ml

- packaging classy
- acts as makeup setting spray, blemish treatment, toner, and hydrating mist (4 - in - 1)
- makes the price very worth it
- great quality product

- packaging is big, sometimes not travel friendly

Purchase at:
Sephora Indonesia

"Spray away!"

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